About Kemi

Strategic Team Leader

Introducing Kemi, a dynamic and results-driven #DevelopmentLeader with over 22 years of experience in multi-donor, multi-sector, and multi-country development work with #USAID, #DFID, #EU, and #UN. Kemi has a proven track record in creatively conceptualizing and delivering impactful #DevelopmentProjects while ensuring commensurate performance management and visibility.

Extensive Experience
With extensive experience in sectors such as #education, #publichealth, #governance, #agriculture, #leadership, #gender, #diversity, #security, #conflictandstability, #urbandevelopment, and #sustainability, Kemi has led various large scale projects on performance and knowledge management. As #Head of #Monitoring, #Evaluation, and #Learning on the DFID-PERL project, Kemi led the development and implementation of the results framework and rounds of multi-stakeholder influence tracking.
Strong Advocate
Kemi is a strong advocate for proactively harnessing and utilizing program knowledge, including data, to improve delivery efficiency and program outcomes. Her facilitation skills in team building and reflection sessions are profound and have yielded incredible results for various programs. Kemi's dedication to the development community has made her a role model to many aspiring development practitioners.
Mentoring and Supporting
In addition to her professional pursuits, Kemi is passionate about mentoring and supporting aspiring #development professionals to approach #DevelopmentDifferently. Reach out to Kemi if you are looking for a seasoned and visionary #DevelopmentProfessional who can bring a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to your #DevelopmentProjects

She’s got other parts!

Kemi is a multi-talented Development Leader who, is also a published author of books, articles, and poems. In addition to her writing pursuits, Kemi enjoys facilitating interactive events such as team building and reflection sessions, which have proven to be highly effective in producing incredible results for various programs. Kemi's diverse skill set and passion for development make her an exceptional leader and mentor to aspiring development practitioners.
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